Holy Habanero Hot Sauce Set
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Holy Habanero Hot Sauce Set

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A delicious combination of our flavorful best-selling habanero hot sauces the perfect gift for any hot sauce lover featuring unique ranges of complimenting flavors.

5 oz. Habanero Fever Hot Sauce - Habanero Fever hot sauce packs a medium-level tabasco chili pepper spice level that sits just right on the palate. If you enjoy a good habanero pepper hot sauce, check this sauce out. It’s a timeless classic!

5 oz. Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce - Be sure to try this great tasting hot sauce for a flavorful catch of habanero pepper and garlic blended to perfection. This is a Locals favorite among all the foodies and chili heads!

5 oz. Habanero Heat Hot Sauce - This fine blend of habanero peppers will bring you heat, flavor, and love to any dish you’re looking to spice up! A smooth medium heat level sauce that is desired on your favorite dish!

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