FAQs - House-Autry


Customer Service Hours

Mon-Thursday – 8am-5pm (EST)
Friday – 8am-noon (EST)
Closed Saturday and Sunday


Q. How long will it be before my order ships?

A. All website orders ship within 5 business days.


Q. Can my website order be shipped on the same day it is placed?

A. Although we try to accommodate same-day shipping requests, there are times when we are unable to ship same day, such as around holidays, etc. Shipping will also depend on what time of day orders are received. Orders placed before noon will stand a much greater chance of shipping same day than orders placed later in the day. Our standard lead time on shipping is 5 business days.


Q. What if I need to place a rush on my website order?

A. Please call Customer Service at 800-849-0802 and notify the customer service representative of your request. If ordering online (for example, after hours), please make sure to leave a message in the “comments” section requesting a “rush” be placed on your order.


Q. How long will it be before I receive my order once it ships?

A. All orders should be received within 5-10 business days once they have shipped.


Q: What kinds of House-Autry products can I find on retail store shelves?

A: House-Autry offers retail products in many different categories including breadings, seasoned fry mixes, bakeable coating mixes, hushpuppy mixes, biscuit mixes, cornbread mixes, stone ground corn meal and flour under the House-Autry brand name.


Q: What sizes are available in your products?

A: House-Autry retail products are available in many sizes and in various forms of packaging. The line includes single-serve boxes and pouches as well as 2 lb. and 5 lb. bags.


Q: Where does House-Autry sell retail products?

A: House-Autry products are available in 37 states in many neighborhood supermarkets and also in many military commissaries throughout the U.S.


Q: What is your most popular prouct in the U.S.?

A: House-Autry hushpuppy mix is the leading brand with the most dollars sold in the United States. Our breading mixes are the 6th best selling brand of breading mixes/batters in dollar sales in the United States.


Q: Can House-Autry supply my store’s custom blend and private label product needs?

A: Yes.


Q: Who does House-Autry supply products to in terms of foodservice?

A: House-Autry is a supplier to restaurant chain groups and independent operators in many states east of the Mississippi.


Q: What kinds of House-Autry products are available for foodservice?

A:House-Autry offers a wide variety of products to the foodservice industry including breading, batters, hushpuppy mixes and frozen hushpuppies under the House-Autry brand name.


Q: How can I get House-Autry products so I can serve them in my operation?

A: House-Autry foodservice products are available through your local foodservice distributor.


Q: Can House-Autry supply my operation’s custom blend and private label product needs?

A: Yes. House-Autry has a dedicated Research & Development department to assist with your custom blending and private label foodservice product needs.


Q: What does House-Autry do for industrial foodservice accounts?

A: We serve the needs of industrial accounts with custom-blended batter and pre-bread mixes tailored to their specific needs. Visit House-AutryFoodservice.com to learn more.