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Company Profile

We’re House-Autry Mills …

What does it take to build a business that grows, expands and innovates for more than 200 years? It takes a keen focus on meeting and exceeding the needs of kitchen cooks and Foodservice customers alike — making sure we bring the very best that Southern cooking has to offer to stovetops and ovens everywhere.

With a dedicated focus on Retail and Foodservice Markets, we’re known for our good taste. Learn more about us, and why we say … At House-Autry, every day is Fry-day!

House-Autry has been in operation since 1812:

The company was originally founded as House’s Milling Company in Newton Grove, North Carolina. In 1967 the company merged with Autry Brothers Milling Company from Autryville, North Carolina to form House-Autry Mills, and the new company continued grist mill operations in Newton Grove, North Carolina. In 2001, we moved to our new facility in Four Oaks, North Carolina where we are currently operating today. There are two pillars supporting our 200 year longevity. One is an intense focus on meeting the needs of changing consumer preferences relying on feedback and insights from our retail and foodservice customers. The second is an adherence to producing stone ground corn using time-proven grist mill techniques. Consumers readily recognize the nutritional benefits stone ground products deliver in our corn meal, hushpuppies, cornbreads, biscuits and other fine products.

Retail Markets:

House-Autry Mills currently has nearly three dozen unique and delicious different products for consumers to use at home. Our products are available in more than 30,000 food retailers today nationwide, and we continue to expand our business every day. Our consumers tend to be very passionate about the House-Autry products they use. They like how quick and easy they are to use, as well as the tasty meal it delivers to their family, and they continue coming back for more.

Foodservice Markets:

We currently operate nationwide through sales regions spanning the Midwest, Southeast and Mid Atlantic section of the United States. We produce House-Autry branded products as well as customized products for specific Foodservice customers, focusing a great deal on attention to detail and exceeding customer needs.

The Retail Consumer:

House-Autry offers retail products in many different categories including breading mixes, seasoned fry mixes, both gluten free and regular bakeable coating mixes, hushpuppy mixes, biscuit mixes, cornbread mixes, stone ground corn meal and flour under the House-Autry brand name. Our Chicken Breading Mix and Hushpuppy are national category leaders, and we are among the best selling brand of breading mixes/batters in dollar sales.

Retail products are available in many sizes in various forms of packaging. The line includes meal- sized boxes and pouches as well as 2lb and 5lb bags, many in shelf-ready displays.

Consumers find House-Autry products in many leading chains, neighborhood supermarkets, dollar stores, and military commissaries throughout the U.S. as well.

The Foodservice Industry:

House-Autry is a leading supplier to restaurant chain groups and independent operators in most states across the country. We offer a wide variety of products to chefs and operators including breading, batters, hushpuppy mix, spices, seasonings, and frozen hushpuppies under the House- Autry brand name. These products are available through your local foodservice distributor.

One of our unique strengths is a dedicated Research & Development department. They assist customers with proprietary blending product needs such as custom blended batter and pre- bread mixes tailored to their specific applications. We also create custom seasoning blends that match a restaurant’s personality and positioning.

Southern Crafted Goodness Since 1812™

Our future success is driven by a respect for heritage, the creation of unique flavorful products, and an intense focus on quality, all delivered in a family-driven culture. Please contact us to learn how we can craft products that assure your future success, too.